Emma Champion

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notes to self

Sometimes it’s necessary to be reminded that there are things to be grateful for and reasons to be cheerful. These are mostly just personal memos providing some positive momentum for the internal dialogue.


The font was created in the darkroom as photograms using foam craft letters, the compositions and colours are produced digitally using photoshop.


Limited edition metallic c-type prints are available in a range of sizes. The shop page will be set up soon but if you would like more info in the meantime just drop me an email.


Products are gradually being added to Redbubble please take a look and if there is a particular product/colour combination you would like, let me know and I will make it available.

nts 1 png 1000px beautiful day_framed_ something good_framed_ lets do this_framed_ ylbt_framed_ i love you_bl swpt frame_ have a word with yourself_journal_ suck it up princess -pillow_ it is what it is - spiral_ keep on_tote_