Emma Champion

photograms & luminograms

All these works are original unique silver gelatin prints created in the darkroom between 2005 & 2015. They are either photograms, made by placing the object onto the surface of the photographic paper and then exposing it to light, or luminograms, where the light is directed onto the paper using objects, stencils and reflective surfaces. Some are a combination of the two techniques and are produced by using an adapted DeVere 504 photographic enlarger, allowing a 3 dimensional object to be placed in the position where the negative would normally be. Light reflects around all sides of the item, rather than through it, and is projected and focused in the same way that a traditional print would be made.


Many of these originals are available to buy, a shop page will be added soon but please contact me if you are interested. All prints are mounted in acid-free white window mount.


dandelion_ Light Wave 1_ Strings 1_ Strings 2_ flight pattern 1_ flight pattern 2_ flight pattern 3_ Flight Pattern 4_ Feather 2_ wishbone_ horizon II_ orb 2_ flock 3_ moon_ flock 2_ reflection_ cloud1_ halo 12_ Flock 6_ spring_ reflect 1_ reflect 2_ reflect 3_ reflect 4_ forget me not_ falling_ fly_ memory jar 1_ light wave 3_ sea urchin_ love 7_ flight_ Strings_ rings_ Wishbone 2_ Feather 1_ Terraform 1_ Terraform 2_ Terraform 3_ Terraform 4_ flock_ forget me not 2_ reflecting_ forget me not 3_ Flock 5_ horizon_ Fly 2_ orb_ memory jar 2_ Flock 4_ Flight 2_ light wave 2_




If you would like to know more about cameraless photography here are some links you might find interesting:


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